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Reinforced Concrete Sleepers


LOC-A-BLOC is a 100% Australian owned and operated manufacturer of concrete sleepers. Made with 40 mpa concrete and reinforced with N12 steel bars, they’re built to last.

Our sleepers are made to blend into the Australian environment naturally. We have a choice of sizes and finishes available and can also manufacture to your specifications.

For technical details, please consult the LOC-A-BLOC design manual or discuss your specific needs with one of our LOC-A-BLOC experts.

400 Series Retainer Wall

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Sleepers Brochure Sheet

Rock Face in Sandstone

Wood Grain in Charcoal

Rock Face in Charcoal

Stacker Wall in Charcoal

Smooth Face in Grey

Sandstone Retainer Wall

Replace rotting wooden sleepers with LOC-A-BLOC sleepers

Don’t wait for your wooden sleepers to collapse. Our concrete sleepers are specially engineered for the homeowner to install and are the perfect landscaping feature for low walls.

Wooden sleepers without the problems of wood

Australian backyards have used wooden sleepers as retaining walls for decades. But, over time wood rot, pressure and insect infestation have taken a toll.

Our concrete sleepers are all termite, fungus, and fire-resistant – perfect for your next project.

Marine Retaining wall
Sandstone Retainer Wall

Easy to install

Our sleepers have been specifically engineered for Australian backyard conditions, homeowners can easily install the sleepers with minimal landscaping experience.


Do you deliver?


We deliver all over NSW by semi-trailer at a time and place that suits you.

Please call us on 1800 027 070 for a free quote.

Can we pick up?

Yes – you can pick up direct from our yards located in both Sydney and Newcastle.

Be sure to call 1800 027 070  in advance so we can prepare your order.

Do you sell to the general public?

Yes, we sell to the general public and trade.

What colours are available?

Due to high demand, Sandstone and Charcoal are our standard range of colours. We can custom make colours of your choice for larger quantities. 

Please call us on 1800 027 070 and we can provide you with pricing to suit your specific requirements.

Can backfilling occur before the core filling?


Core filling must occur first and be allowed to set before backfilling can occur.

The setting of the core fill only takes three days, and then backfilling can occur.

Can the 400 series components be used for marine walls?

No, this is because the core fill does not provide sufficient cover for reinforcing steel to meet marine standards for wall construction.

Our 600 series should be used to provide sufficient cover.

How many blocks to a Square metre?

400 series = 12.5
600 series = 5.5

How many blocks to a single pallet?

400 series = 60
600 series = 18

How much core fills is required?
400 Series = 1 cubic metre per 20 sq metres of block work

600 Series = 1 cubic metre per 10 sq metres of block work

Have a questions we haven't answered?

Give LOC-A-BLOC a call. We’re more than happy to help.


400 Series

For small, low walls, freestanding, cantilever up to 1.8m or soil reinforced up to 6m – easily constructed by hand.


600 Series

For engineered solutions on low walls with high surcharge, freestanding, cantilever, single skin up to 3m or soil reinforced up to 10m.


1800 Series

For engineered solutions on mass gravity from 0.9m up to 2.7m – gravel fill, cantilever up to 8m or soil reinforced up to 20m.


Marine Series

Used for levy banks, flood mitigation and retention basins around Sydney for over 30 years.

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